So Tacoma's a pretty metal-heavy city, even though just north in Seattle they're diving into the whole indie-pop kind of SSPU/Modest Mouse/DCFC sound. Finding a band here that's NOT metal is usually kind of a surprise. We actually sit on that line between hard rock and progressive (or so I've been told). After some issues auditioning drummers, we've decided to go with our most solid drummer from the past and we'll be playing shows again by the end of the summer. If you're into Porcupine Tree, Deftones, Tool, that kind of sound, you might like us--and by the way, we're 75% a chick band (apparently girls in Tacoma don't play drums).

We've got a rough demo on the myspace, needs some love--planning to re-record this fall. It'll give you the idea, but not the full presence. We've been told that the real magic is in seeing us live, that recordings just don't do us justice yet.

We're not looking to get spammed by promoters or record "labels" or anything, just reaching out to touch base with some other musicians, bands, potential fans.