the first one is try with vocals. the vocals arent the best. it was our first time playing together and we made up lyrics and drum part on the spot it was kinda improvised.

the second is song three updated. its played a little sloppy but you get the idea of the song.
thanks for any comments or crits and feel free to listen to all the songs.C4C .
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God dammnit, I somehow managed to listen to the first few seconds of the first song, then the player died on me. I couldent get it back. But the first few seconds I hear the guitar intro, which was pertty good, I liked it. The recording qulity wasent so great, sounded real bassy. This player problem is starting to piss me off.
Song 3, quality and sloppiness aside it's pretty good, I like the riffs and stuff. I'm sure if you tighten everything up, add drums, maybe vocals, and use better recording equipment this will sound much much better. Why didn't you use the RP anyways?