Selling my little compressor as I'm looking to buy something else so trying to raise abit of cash and tbh I' not really using it but it sounds great and for the money it's probably the best comp out there. It's also in good condition especially since it's at least 20 years old (1980's model I believe and made in the USA) although it does have some velcro on the bottom which could be easily taken off and I don't think it'll do any harm to it especially since it's on the rubber and not of the label.

Looking for £35 posted which seems to be the average price (maybe lower) of the last couple I've seen going and as I said for the money you won't beat it imo.


Also might let my Visual Sound H20 go for around the £90 mark but I'm yet to decide whether to let it go but if you interested let me know. Also I'm looking for cash atm and not really interested in any trades.
Also it's UK only which I forgot to put in the title so sorry about that non UK folks.