i felt like learning to tap fairly well
im more into classic rock but please no van halen or hair metal
anyone wanna reccomend me a song to practice string skipping while tapping?
ill give you 2 high fives and a club sammich
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Sea of Lies by Symphony X

Good luck.


It's one of the easiest relative to other string skip tapping stuff.

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try Midnight by Joe Satriani.
fingers don't jump around too much through a part of it and it's played clean, so it's a good one to work on technique.

neck pickup + a touch of chorus gets me a good tone for it
Sea of Lies - Symphony X
Inferno (Unleash the Fire) - Symphony X
Basically, most if not all symphony X songs will have tapping+string skipping in it.

multi finger tapping:
Midnight - Joe Satriani
there was another Satch song which had the same style...
Building the Church intro + 2nd or 3rd solo - Steve Vai

overall tapping:

Green-tinted Sixties Mind - Mr Big (the intro riff)
Paul gilbert's solo rendition of technical difficulties has a fair amount of tapping in it:

... I'd say those can keep you fairly busy for now
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