It's in my profile.
It's the demo audio recording of this:


Here's the song that I wrote for my grandma who died this tuesday.
She died of a heartattack while we where on vacation. Needless to say the vacation ended early and we came back the same day.
She was the only person in my whole family that supported my guitar playing and my music-love. Writing a song was what felt most right.

Today was the funeral and I performed the song during the after-funeral-dinenr thing.
Only had 3-4 days to write this and to get it toa certain lever of perfection.
I'm very displeased with my performance and the camera-work.
But it's genuine...

The lead guitar is crappy on it but I recorded it mainly for getting the harmony part right.


Okay comparing it to the live version clearly you will automatically have somethings that sound better, such ass the volume balance as well as the keyboard sounding a hella lot better.

The recording sounded very much complete rather than a demo. I would consider the live version a demo because it didn't have the finished feeling of the keyboards and such, and you played the taps much better on the recording.

That being said, the live version is still pretty great due to the amount of feeling I get when I listen to it.

Overall its my fav song that you have done.
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Thank you very much

See the thing is. There is barely any legato in the (demo) recording at all. It's all picked and pretty much the way I wanted. When I played it live I got a bit nervous and resorted to tapping which ahs been my strongest side for a long time.

I still have alot of guitar ideas for it which I will add with time therefor making the recording just a demo for now. But hey, no-one has to know, right? haha

Thank you
Thanks for uploading it, man. I don't have msn, so it was kinda hard for me to add you

EDIT: Pretty good. I really like the part when the guitar is just kind of in the backround, makes it feel really spacey and calm... Good idea to fade the guitar back like that... That part definitely wouldn't have had as much as an impact if the guitar was in front of all the instruments like it is for the leads... I like how the whole song feels, to me, like a big buildup of suspense and intensity, very awesome.

My only 2 problems with it... Your runs were just a tad sloppy. Not a lot, it's just that I'm OCD about all things with recording, tone, etc. etc., and I thought the fast runs could've been cleaner. And also, your tone sounded a little thin to me. Don't know what it was, unless you were using a single-coil pickup? I'm not a big fan of single-coils, that's just me.

Overall, pretty good
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the guitar in the background at 2:45 and all around there sounds really cool. i liked how it quieted down some and let that backing come foreward and then goes powerfully back into the main riff which i think is really powerful. i actually watched the live version before hearing the demo on your profile. i liked both of them but it is nice that you can hear the other stuff in the background on the recording. overall i think this is a really moving piece and if you just clean it up a little it will be perfect.

if you want to c4c i have stuff in my profile too
Thanks dudes. I'm glad you dig the build up stuff, I always try to put a little extra thought into transitions etc. since that's what you notice second most besides the main melody.

Yup, I'm super OCD about it all and hate my playing on this. As I said this was just for personal use. Just for syncing the harmony parts. The tone is horrible and I'll definatly fix that when I recorid proper leads. That's why I try to advertise this as just a demo as much as possible.

Thanks nevertheless
Your melody kicks serious ass.... very nicely done! Its a cool piece, fit for any occassion but an awesome send off.

Surprised you don't have Europe/Kee Marcello in your influences, mostly for the sake of your melody writing. You Swedes seem to have it easy I guess, lol.

Nicely done man!
Pls could you give my piece called "marshland" a listen and crit?
Hey thanks bro.

Nope, have only heard 2-3 Europe songs. Not really my thing.
I get 85% of my melody inspiration from Rachmaninov and Chopin (two pianists that I like very much). Actually, I analyzed Rachmaninov's 1st Piano Concerto (1st movement) when writing this to get a better sense on melodic transitions etc.

The remaining 15% is all of the non-classical stuff that I listen to (which is mainly neo-classical actually).

What I play might not come of as very classical sounding but that's where I get my inspiration so yii.