Hi fellow UGers,

I'm practising this particular lick:

The problem I have is that I often get a pull-off to the open g-string (12p5p3p0 instead of 12p5p3). Even when I don't practise with a metronome and just work superslow on getting the fingermotions right, I still get it like 50% of the times I do the lick.

So I thought, there are maybe better ways to mute that noise. Can you guys help me with my problem?

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From what i think you're talking about, there is a way, Luke Hoskin from Protest The Hero does alot of shredding and tapping licks like these, he seems to always use a type of really small and tight pony tail or headband of some sort when he does thee kinds of licks. He brings it up to about the 2nd fret sometimes to mute any open string noises like this. Check out a protest the hero video of them playing live for an example of what i mean, hope i helped
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dont lift your index finger or whatever finger you have on the 3rd fret up, and it should be fine
Try barring the strings and dont take your index finger off the 3rd fret if your able to do that, then when you have to go to the second section try not to take your finger off all the way kinda like when playing natural harmonics. I dont know if that would work the way you want but it would work for me.