I am looking for a cheap power supply to power my Digitech Bad Monkey, and other pedals I may get in future. Another option is to get a Pitchblack or something with a DC out and something along these lines.

My "budget" can go up to about £80 but less would be preferable...


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if the pedals you are getting have a 9v DC input then for 80 you could easily get a tuner pedal like the korg pitchblack or the Boss TU-2 and then power other cables with a daisy chain. This way you get the added benefit of a tuner pedal...

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Ibanez SR506BM
Ashdown Little Giant 1000w
Peavey TVX 115+410
A big ass upright

I would suggest just daisy chaining them, I'm not sure if it's different in UK than it is in Canada, though.
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Diago Powerstation = win. I love mine, because I don't notice it. It works perfectly. Just waiting for the 12v and 24v adaptors to be released (apparently the owner is just sorting out distribution before they can go on sale).
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^The Diago is one of the better ones, alongside the Dunlop DC Brick, T-Rex Tank series, and Voodoo Lab. I bought the 'Harley Benton' equivalent from Thomann's, and it's worse than useless. At least its' substantial weight gives it potential as a doorstop.
Its 500mA total output doesn't go very far when it's spread around my power hungry old DODs. E-H stuff seems to cause a real problem too, and as it states explicitly in the info sheets for them, they're not suitable for daisychain power.
I know the One-Spot type transformers have their fans, but I'd worry about noise transmission with daisychains in general.
My point is, you'd be better looking for a really good 'brick' power supply - maybe check the usual auction sites - even if it means saving up some more. Anything else is a false economy, and won't 'futureproof' you against your next purchases.