Very unfortunate. My plans of getting an EC-1000 or Solo-6 with active EMG's went down the drain recently due to this fancy word called "clipping."

Slightly in despair, I began to look at some guitars I would like to try out tomorrow at GC.

So far I know...

EC-1000 in amber sunburst
Xiphos (extended and regular)
C-1 Classic
C-1 Artist 2
Washburn WC40(V has FR)
Jackson DK2M Dinky
and any guitar over $600 with an HSH combo. Suggestions?

My budget is right around $950, and I would like a guitar with passive, but good pickups.

I play a lot of hard rock, punk, metal, other things like that, and jazz.'

I'm playing with a Line6 Spider 3 (shame on me, I know), with not intentions of upgrading yet, and a Digitech RP50, to be upgraded to an RP355 after the guitar.
I don't have the room for anything much bigger than 15 watts and the moment and thats the problem with getting a new amp.
No. Actually, my mom hates my guitar, anything that sounds distorted and yes, my amp.


The effects the spider can do suck ass. The only half decent effect on it is the delay. Other than that, I might use reverb or tremolo when I feel like messing around with stuff.
Quote by Mayonaise 812

stop trying to find excuses man lol. is it because your mom likes all the effects that the spider can do?

No need to be a dick, let the man spend some money on a nice guitar if he wants to.
My parents wouldn't like it if I wanted a new amp. I got the Spider for Christmas last year. And besides, it sounds fine. I have an RP50 to do all the effects I need.

I'd rather have a nice guitar that looks, sounds and plays great than another practice amp.
Okay, Mayo, GTFO.
Everything you say is ridiculously stupid or ignorant.

After my brother moves out I'll have a "studio" and more room for guitar stuff.

So by then I'll have my $1000 guitar and I'll have enough money to go buy a nice stack and whatever the hell I want. So lay off.
it is more understandable to go with a new amp first. how about you split your budget and get a low watt (5) tube amp and a pretty decent guitar as well?
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it is more understandable to go with a new amp first. how about you split your budget and get a low watt (5) tube amp and a pretty decent guitar as well?

dude stop your going to get flamed! i have mentioned this like 5 times he wont listen lol. and everyone seems to defend him and his 15watt spider.

and seriously i was just saying good luck like if you enjoy your really expensive guitar and your spider, more to you. but dont call me ignorant im just telling you to branch out with another amp to shape your tone into something you may like better then your spider.
Two words are in there that make this a fun find. 'and jazz'. You ask for HSH configuration with good passives. What I'll ask that you look at, and listen to, is a bit different. Sure it has SD JB/59 which is right on the money. But this one has a Peizo bridge pickup to give you cleans you can do laundry with.
Alright, enough of the waffle, Cort M900. I think its right at the top of your budget but the one guy I know who has one for the last 3 months hasn't come back to earth yet.
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Saving for:
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 see-thru blue with flamed maple top.

I don't understand..

Fúck getting a studio when your brother moves out, get a decent amp + decent guitar. I'll vouch for the Xiphos, but I also vouch for getting a 5W tube amp. No point playing a $1k guitar through an amp that's worth about 50c in tone.
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Quote by randomhero93
it is more understandable to go with a new amp first. how about you split your budget and get a low watt (5) tube amp and a pretty decent guitar as well?

If he gets another practice amp now he'll just replace it when his brother moves out. He would also probably want to get another guitar since he wouldn't have gotten the one he wanted this time.

I'm not saying getting a new amp is a bad idea, as it's usually the best thing you can do for your tone. In this case though, I would say get a guitar now and get a nice amp when you have space for it.
He can buy whatever he wants, lay the hell off him. You might want to do it different, but he obviously doesn't so stop dicking around and suggest guitars or gtfo.


The Xiphos is geared towards being a metal guitar, i'm not to convinced of its versitilaty. The Classic or Artist would suit your needs very well. Stock SD pickups are very versatile and passive, with coil split. I havent had experience with Washburns but have heard alot of good things about them, same with the Dinky.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
That cort is absolutely beautiful.

But there are two problems:
Doesn't have 24 frets (oh well... that thing is sexy...)
Can't find it on GC.com or Musicansfriend.com...

I'd want to find it in store somewhere. I just checked all the inventory of local guitar shops, and nothing has come up. =/
I agree with Lurcher on the Cort. If you one of the ones you listed, though - I think the EC-1000 with passives will do fine
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Well if I can find the Cort, I would love to try it out for sure.

But if I can't the EC-1000 with the duncans will be my next.

Any other suggestions?
Sorry for the double post, but i'd really like some more suggestions besides the Cort M900 and the EC-1000....
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The soloist is out of my budget.

An SLS3 isn't, look it up. if i had enough money i'd get one in white
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