Holy bad quality!

Other than that, you seem to be a very proficient guitar player. O.O

Wish my fingers could move that fast...

EDIT: And wow, your only 15.
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This is complete diarrhoea mate...
effin awful
just a pain in the ears if you get my idea >.<

I can also mix 20000 notes together in 20 seconds but it will never sound good.Neither will yours.That's my opinion tho but it sucks
Agreed with the top 2 posts^

This started just slamming my speakers, glad they didn't explode.
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Nope. I dont agree with the other posters. I thought it was well done although i personally would enjoy it more if it was slowed down just a little bit.

Cool, thanks.
First of all, horrible, horrible quality.

You're quite fast, but it's a little sloppy, and there's just no emotion at all. It seems like a few sweeps or whatever thrown together randomly.
agree with others that sound quality is pretty poor. this takes away from your playing as the sound gets really mushy when you play fast. you need some variety as well a really fast arppergio played over and over is only goin to get you so far. by the way i love the movie The Green Slime and figue you must like it as well thought your track was goin to be a cover of he theme song.

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Yeah, sound quality is a load of balls... but you did well man. But your guitar seems to go out or is not tuned to begin with. Your chords don't match your shredapalooza, learn how to do that and you'll get the nevermore thing going. Other than that, very nicely done

I have a song uploaded if you'd be so kind... called Marshland. Not technically orientated at all, just good ol rock.
First of all, my ears blead due to the insane amouts of tremble your useing. You need to back off the tremble, and the volume, second, your fast, but its incohearable, didnt understand what you were playing. I think you had a backing track going, and it was completly off key with your soloing, or your soloing was completly off key with your rythem track. I think it needs to go back to the writing table.

15 years old, holy crap!!!