I saw a Flextone II I think today, in a Pawn shop, its been there for like 6 months, and noone has bought it, its currently at the price £199.

Would this be a good price for the amp, or can you get better for the price

It comes with a footswitch also.

How are the modelling potentials of this amp, is it better than the Spiders, and better than the Vox I have (see sig)

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thats a pretty good price, especially with the footswitch. buy it!
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I have the III (Got it for $300, haha!), and if II is anything like it, it's a great buy. But, if you already have a modeling amp, why not save up to an amp that plays whichever style of music you want to play?
Thats a good deal especially if it has the floorboard
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I got one very recently ( https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1172115 ), and can say I like it very much. Real good tone, lot's of options.

What footswitch is included. If it's a fbv-2 or something it's not that good of a deal, but if it's a floorboard, jump on it!

I paid 300€ for my set (flextone and floorboard).

I'd say, if the footswitch is not the floorboard, try and haggle some off the price, then it would be a good deal!

good luck!
It's a pawnshop dude. If you pay the asking price you're doing it wrong. At very least you should be able to get the tax removed.
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