Is there really that much of a big difference between the Squier Affinity Jazz Bass and the Squier Standard Jazz Bass? The body on the affinity is made from alder and the body on the standard is made from agathis..

Should I just go for the affinity? Being it cheaper and all that?
trust me on this, the standard Squier will be worth the extra $$ over the Affinity. hardware, build quality, playability. the Vintage Modified series are popular around here, also.
I was originally gonna get the vintage modified jazz, but yknow, budget n all that shizz
With Squier basses, you're always better of buying the best you can afford, even if it involves saving. The lower end basses are a waste of money unless you're a total novice.
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Go used!!! After some searching around, I got a Fender Standard Jazz (MIM) for $200, which is $70-$100 less than the VM Squiers I believe.
Get the Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, my brother has one and trust me, its worth the extra money. Its a bass you won't ever really outgrow because its of good quality. The vintage modified series are some of the best you can get for a starting bass.
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out of the 2 go for the standard. It's far better built and sounds great. Plus it's a fantastic platform for modding. And don't think that cos it's got an agathis body it's useless because i can almost guarantee that you won't hear the difference between agathis and low grade alder.

I've used a Squier standard jazz with some slight mods as my main bass for 3 or 4 years now
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