So I *may* be acquiring a brown Gibson faded SG. I've played Schecters and Ibanez for quite a while, so I'm used to heavy guitars with thick finishes. I played an SG faded at the store yesterday, and I love the weight and balance, but it feels almost too light and the wood seems too thin to me.

I know I'll get used to it, but can someone attest for its durability? I just don't want to end up being too rough with it. Then again, it is a Gibson.
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Yeah, you have to constantly hold the neck of an SG so the head doesn't droop down towards the ground. It's fine once you're used to it. On the plus side, it's easier on your back!
its made of a solid piece of wood
as long as u dont chuck it about or go Townshend with it it will be fine
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I love the faded finishes, I have the Les Paul and its real sturdy. Its actually easier to fix scratches and dings on the wood with a little stain or water. But as Mr. Mayo said "watch the headstock".
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Yeah. I know it's got neck-dive like a bitch, but it felt SO much more comfortable to me.
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ive only really felt a hella neck dive on the sg400's

my 72 sg custom has no hint of neck dive. no idea whats up with that lol
i had an sg special in black for a long time. great guitar. the only difference between that and the faded is a solid paint job, really. and it held up great. i put that poor guitar through so much.
my finsh is just staring to fade the tinyest bit, and i have had it for 2 years. Its a tone machine! it sounds great, but i didnt like the stock pickups much at all so i put duncans in it. No neck dive at all.
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one time i slung my faded brown sg over my head and the clip lock strap it was connected to shattered. the guitar plummeted to the hard-wood floor. its headstock smacked the ground followed by the thud of the body. it jumbled back and forth on the ground for a second. i was mortified, i had just broken my favorite guitar for sure..... i picked it up and everything was flawless. i would bet my life this guitar will outlast most of your other ones, the finish allows it to breath and flex beautifully. and its built like a tank, as hopefully my story shows.
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about the neck dives, can u buy straps with more friction on the shoulder to stop it diving ??

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about the neck dives, can u buy straps with more friction on the shoulder to stop it diving ??

Thick leather straps will help with the neck dive.
I got an SG and it feels really sturdy and safe, I dropped it once by mistake in an extremely ugly way, but it was unscathed.
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