so basically when i play my fingers end up having like dirt on the them and stuff, and the strings just feel terrible. I'm just curious on what i should buy/do to fix this, the strings aren't really old, if that helps XP Also theres some dust on the pickups and.. well pretty much all the metal parts on the guitar lol

uhm i doubt it'll help, but i have an Epiphone Les Paul standard.

also if i have to buy stuff can i get an estimated price, thanks
ok, but isnt there some product or whatever that can be used to clean it or like polish it?
Get some steel wool #0000, and go over the frets and board lightly, to get rid of grim and crap......if it's a rosewood board.

When you have that done add lemon oil to the board with a cloth and let it soak in over a short time till it won't absorb any more, then wipe clean and restring.

It makes a world of difference to string life and ease of everything else guitarists do.
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Wipe down your guitar after every time you play. Wash your hands.

This probably needs to be more specific.

Wash your hands BEFORE you play.
Seriously, it helps ALOT!

For the immediate need of cleaning very dirty strings...

Just use a dishcloth or something (clean of coarse) and wipe the strings good...
Don't just wipe over the top, get underneath the strings.

and really clean them, don't be shy with them.

Grab each string 1 at a time with the cloth, using two fingers, thum and index probably.
And run your fingers (with the cloth between the string and your fingers) up and down the string till the gunk comes off. You'll see it on the rag.

Once you get them clean, this will be for future easier maintenance...

Wash your hands before you play, and a simple quick wipedown of the strings after each time you play. That will eliminate the problem all together.

Hope that helps..

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You could try playing coated strings, the cost a bit extra but last for a longer time. Also if you are in the mood to spend a bit of money there are also string cleaners which do the same thing as just getting a tissue and rubbing the string to remove the grime.

And to get rid of dust just get a microfiber cloth and go over the guitar whenever you take the strings off as you'll have the best access then to the pickups.