Well, I got my camera back finally so I thought it appropriate to throw up a NGD thread and some porn of my new guitar, I've had it for about 2 weeks now so it has the typical smudges from my hands, but there's not a mark on this thing otherwise and the finish was flawless. The case would get your hopes up if I did a tease, so I figure I'll just go ahead and say that it's a new LTD Ouija, no 9 Grand ESP here, but I love this thing to death. Pics! (Thumbnails are clickable)

Everything about it is great, the Floyd Rose stays in tune, the EMG's sound great, upper fret access is incredible, the neck is awesome, and it was set up and played perfectly out of the box Definitely satisfied with this purchase!
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HNGD, i'm not a fan of KH or his sig guitars (especially those graphics) but whater suits you.
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^ Its the finish

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Man, I could go for a 7 right now...

ARe those stickers or is that just the finish? that really sweet !!1

Yes, it's the finish, the pictures kind of make it look white, but it's actually a bright metallic silver.
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Marshall MG10 + Digitech RP350 multi-fx
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B52 AT-100
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Is that a Ouija guitar?

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Is that a Ouija guitar?


That's the Kirk Hammet Signature model, a good looking guitar but I would much rather have one of James Hetfield's signatures.

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I feel this thread needs to be bumped to the top to get rid of all schecter NGD's Anyway glad to see someone have one I reckon they are ****ing awesome albeit a bit pricy but at least you got the proper ESP case with it and all. HNGD
IMO, looks ****ing awesome. HNGD!
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wow, awesomeness. Happy NGD!
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sexy guitar,
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