Right I am selling my custom painted Epiphone Les Paul Custom. This is designed to look like Zakk Wylde's 'Rebel' guitar with the confederate flag. I have this guitar up on ebay at the moment - as we arent allowed to post ebay links I will just copy the description over... and of course offer a massive discount for fellow UGer's.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde Rebel Guitar (Includes Gator Hardcase)

Up for sale is my custom painted Epiphone Les Paul Custom. This started life as a white LP Custom, but after endless hours working on it, it is now based on Zakk Wylde's 'Rebel Guitar'. This guitar was fully painted with the confederate flag on the top of the guitar, and then the process of relicing began! The extent of relicing is not as much as Zakk's guitar is now, but represents its look in the early 90's - I prefered its looks back then!

Anyway the guitar is a Genuine Epiphone Les Paul (I have pictures of it before it was customised - message me if you want to see them). Beside the paint job is has had several upgrades in the hardware department so it is a guitar fit for Zakk himself! Most obviously is the EMG 81/85 pickups which have been installed - the same pickups that Zakk uses in all his guitars. The tailpiece has been replaced with a Gotoh tailpiece which is made of better quality material and hence improved sustain. The plastic nut has been replaced with a Tusq nut which again improved sustain. The rosewood fretboard has been dyed black to look like ebony. The output jack and cover have been replaced with genuine Gibson hardware. The back and sides of the guitar body and headstock are finished with a clear finish, but the neck is bare wood for super smooth and fast feel - another of Zakk's preferences!

It's a bit difficult to describe the condition of this guitar being it is a relic'd guitar! I have uploaded several high res pictures below so the buyer can see clearly what they are getting. The finish is supposed to look aged, and has been 'mildly' set on fire to get the burnt look like Zakk's guitar. Again it is much easier to show this in pictures than writing it!

The auction includes the Gator hardcase shown in the pictures - this case is in mint condition. This is a one of a kind guitar! Cannot be purchased anywhere so don't miss out on this opportunity to own your very own Zakk Wylde Rebel LP Custom!

Collection of the guitar would be preferred from Peterborough, and also cash on collection preferred. However I am prepared to post the guitar and will accept payment via paypal too. The auction is UK only. Don't miss out on this chance to own this guitar!

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I forgot to mention in the description that this guitar has the EMG 18 volt mod - whereby the pickups run at 18V rather than the standard 9v. This gives the pickups more headroom and clarity. It can be easily reversed if necessary, but I think it makes the pickups sound better! Also the original Epiphone tailpiece will be included as a spare.



Its on ebay for £650 + p&p. But for you UGer's you can have it for £550 inc postage!

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Thanks, a hell of a lot of time went into it thats for sure!

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Make me an offer via PM - I would rather sell it privately than on ebay because of the ebay fees!

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Price drop to £525 inc post! This is a bargain for a 1 of a kind guitar!

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Thanks man, I really hope it finds a good home too!

Offers via PM! Might be interested in trades too - offer away!

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Wow, that is a beautiful guitar! Not buying, but free bump for some amazing transformation .
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This guitar wants to go to a good home! Offer me your trades or cash!

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Nice job, I would buy it but wrong flag. :p! I would buy it if it was US flag for sure !
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