I know I haven't received my guitar yet but I'm just curios as to whether the yamaha pacifica 012 is a string, bridge and pickup upgrade worthy instument. When it comes time I would rather upgrade with descent parts (less money, i think) than start over with a whole new instument. I'm not gonna be playing gigs. I just want good sound and range from it. the wife would like that more too.
depends how it plays but i guess it could be worth it if you really feel like it. decent parts will probably cost more then the guitar itself though.

or you could upgrade to a mim standard strat. try some out man who knows you might find one you like eventually.
really, I figured i could throw some descent pickups, a bridge and some quality strings for relatively cheap and get a nice tone from the 012? Maybe im just an uninformed idiot?
As was stated several times in your other threads that led you to buying this guitar...

Don't waste your money upgrading that guitar.

Save your money for a better amp.

Most of your tone is created by the AMP not the guitar.
Any upgrade in pickups on the guitar, the difference will be very small, if noticeable at all when played through that amp.

A low end guitar played through a High End AMP is MUCH better than a High end guitar played through a low end AMP.

The roland cube is fine for now while you're learning.
But when you start getting GAS - Upgrade the AMP first.
I would recommend a Fender Blues Jr, or Peavey Classic 30 as a GREAT first "Good" Amp.

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thats why i ask. I need a better amp than that for beacuse allmost everyone recommended it. so the 012 with better pickups, bridge, and strings combined with a high quality amp would be a good quality sounding combination for the home hobby guitarist
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We were all sticking to the budjet you provided. There was NO WAY to get a "Good" amp on the budget you provided.

For a "Good" AMP, you're going to need at least $500.

I said before, get used to it.

Playing Guitar = VERY expensive hobby.

2001 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport
2001 MIM Standard Strat
Peavey Classic 30 112 Combo.
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holy crap $500 Im just playing this thing at home and want good sound. If I find Im a guitar prodigy rainman and prove to the wife I can make some money playing gigs then I would consider that investment. thanks
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sometimes you just have to spend more for the love of the hobby man. its understandable if you dont have the money but put away a few dollars every paycheck and you will be able to someday.