Dad's working on building his second electric guitar and we're wiring it Gibson-style with two humbuckers, two tone knobs and two volume knobs. We're using a 3-way Fender style switch.

We've got a Gibson '57 Classic in the Neck and a Gibson '57 Classic Plus in the Bridge. The neck pickup is quite a bit louder than the bridge pickup, and when I touch the uncovered pots and switch I get nasty hum as if I were touching an unplugged patch cord.

How can we fix these things? Also I think the pots are the wrong type because the volume is really quiet until about the 8 range and then it spikes.

We're not very knowledgeable on wiring in general, but other than that the guitar is dandy. Any help or tips would be appreciated, as well as a site we could read up on wiring. Book recommendations would be nice too.

EDIT: I think dad was mistaken and put the wrong pickup in the wrong spot. Easy mistake to make. Regardless, is there something I can do with the wiring to compensate for the volume difference?

EDIT: Never mind, the Plus is DEFINITELY in bridge position. That makes this problem a bit more baffling. I want the volumes to be balanced if possible.
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