NEW SONG! (On my UG profile) called Burn Your Bridges. Please let me know how it is, and the things that are wrong with it so I can fix it before it goes on my Myspace music page.

I don't even know what genre to call it, but whatevs
It's the follow-up to the song "This City Is Burning."

So crit Burn Your Bridges!!!

Thank You <3
its good. i like it. i love the whole experimental riff you got going on. can't wait to hear more from you
Very good quality and tone. I enjoyed it a lot. Could use vocals, though, either that or some cool lead. The clean part was great! I only wish it was a bit longer, maybe build up to something really huge, then drop out, then go in with the chugging guitar. That would be awesome, I think.

Check mine out, different genre completely, but you might like it.