Hi, i've been using the same rig live for around the last 10 years or so and i'm looking to slightly upgrade as my effects unit is becoming unreliable. I've been pretty happy with what i've been using so i've lost touch with what is available now.

My usual setup is:
Gibson Les Paul with EMGs -->
ADA MP1 preamp -->
Boss GX700 multi effects -->
BBE Sonic Maximiser -->
Mesa 2:90 -->
2x Marshall 1960 4x12s

The boss unit is the one giving me problems so that's got to go. The 2:90 is definately staying I could just replace the GX700 but I'm tempted to see if I can replace the whole pre-amp / effects section with a new shiny unit.

The new Fractal Axe-fx appeals but is a little out my price range. In terms of tone i'm looking for something high gain and generally cut out for metal. I'm after a fairly brutal sound and closer to a Mesa rectifier in tone rather than say a typical marshall. I tend to use a bit of chorus from time to time and some sort of stereo delay, although usually just a few ms on one side to widen the sound a bit. I also need it to be controllable by midi. If it fits into a 2U space even better.

I've considered the Pod XT Pro but i'm not convinced by the preamp tones. I've heard good things about the rocktron prophesey II but how do the amp models in that compare to using something like the MP1? What else is there?

What do you all think???