i need to learn some new metal songs like KSE so any recommendations.
cause metal is impressive looking.
I like My Curse, but do the rhythm.

Most Bullet for My Valentine is easy..
Escape the Fate (there older stuff) is fairly decent..
Newer Metallica..
Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth (minus solo)
Walk - Pantera (minus solo also)
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Play for yourself. you won't get anywhere just trying to impress other people

+1, I prefer playing just for the sake of playing, I don't really like showing off.

...except during shows..
what kind of metal do you like? but generally, just play for you. anyone who doesn't play guitar will think Holiday by Green Day is impressive.
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+1, I prefer playing just for the sake of playing, I don't really like showing off.

...except during shows..

lmfao the really small font saying except during shows... xD
yeah i just play for fun... i rarely ever show off =P
As I Lay Dying
All That Remains
Showing off's gay. But if you wanna show the people that you're effin awesome show em what you got with SOAD's Psycho. ****ing sick rhythm song with a marvelous outro/solo.
I don't know, I think there is a fine line between showing off, and enjoying impressing people. Just play whatever you like!
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cause metal is impressive looking.
You're a tool.

That said, anything with a sweep or two will serve your purposes. I'll recommend Conquer All by Behemoth simply because I love them.
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