and even worth it to get a whammy bar on your guitar? My guitar doesn't currently have one (my old one does, but it sucks) and there isn't like a hole or anything to actually put a whammy into, and I was wondering if its possible to install one. Then I wanted to know if it was even worth it. Will it screw up the guitar, seeing as it wasn't made to have one? Et.c etc.etc.
possible, yes. worth it, no. there's alot of work to be done and a lot of money to be spent. at the end of it you'd have been better off just buying another guitar.
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well it can most def be done but either you have to have a lot of confidence in your guitar modding skills or you pay someone else a lot of money to do it. youre better off buying a guitar with one (and research the liscensed ones because they can be decent or pure crap depending on the brand)
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Lol. You don't understand how it works that well, and I'm not the one to explain to you how. But it involves a spring system usually inside the guitar. And it would be frivolous to try to put one in. It's a lot more complicated than screwing a bar into the bridge.


inb4 whammy without whammy bar kid
What kind of guitar? I know it's possible for my Strat, but definatly not my Taylor
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are you talking about an FR??

its not worth it if you change tunings alot
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I'll sell you my Godin SD and then you can do all the whammy bar'ing you like. Problem with whammy bars is that unless you have a roller/locking components you'll most likely be going out of tune fairly often. Besides, you don't want to screw up your current guitar with some component you're just getting into.
there seems to be a little bit of strong opinion on here. personally i am more neutral. i have played guitars with good whammy systems and bad ones too. i have experienced the headache of floyd rose setups, but also seen them used to amazing effect. also, i have had guitars with trem setups that would constantly fall out of tune. then again i also have my american standard strat that never seems to fall out of tune. so, to sum it up, there are both negative and positive things associated with 'whammy bars', you need to figure out if it is worth additional overhead of installing/acquiring a whammy system for your guitar.

i was considering having a fulcrum strat style trem bridge on my 72 reissue, but i ended of trading it. i have seen people install 'bigsby' style bridges on telecasters, les pauls and sg's, it is a good alternative to routing out the body like the strat style bridge.

so it is possible, given some time, materials and skill. is it worth it? unfortunately, you'll have to find out afterwords when you're done playing the new guitar/moded guitar. i know i was very happy with the strat's bridge, it has opened up a whole new dimension of my playing. for the 11 years of playing before that i was a die hard fixed bridge fan. go figure.
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