sorry but that was so awful
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pull down his pants, his dick is probly the size of a newborn moose

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Found this quite funny.

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Found this quite SEARCH BAR
Vocals= really, really bad
Guitar= really Sloppy, overall meh
Bass= good, couldn't here it much though
Drums= decent,

all put together=bad
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I'm with DeltaFunk
It was okay. You guys must've been staged-frighted the **** out your pants. The guitarist needs to practice a little more, he was a bit off. He also needs to learn to trem pick faster. The vocalist wasn't powerful enough, was missing a **** load of notes, and sounds very underwhelmed. The drums and the bass sound pretty good though. It's not terrible but it needs quite a lot work if you want it to sound absolutely spectacular.
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Bass= Great

Singers should not sing thru puberty

i second-tripple that lol. But don't get put down, just practice. Guitarist seems to need more experience and singer.... girl... =P Vocals should practice some voice scales, and just about a bit of eveyrthing.
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