"Look out for the wolves"
the addict murmured
predatory instincts

Downhill, coasting full speed
Gears grind backwards suddenly
Gears grind backwards repeatedly
Relapse! Repent! Rejoice!
A sudden change in momentum
A gradual change of heart
These words in time
To the tune of me falling apart

"Look out for yourself"
All duel meanings intended
protect yourself from yourself
the addict murmured...

Follow your heart with your head
To avoid a major upset
A fist fight with a bottle
A fist fight with physical distance

Useless aggression...
..fuels trivial anxieties...

"If you love it....
....set it free"
The addict spoke clearly now
If it's yours, it will return,
An olive branch in its grasp

Fear not uncertainty
The path is never clear
I know not? Certainly, I don't
The ends that will justify these means