Any recomendations for an 8 inch speaker for blues and classic rock? Nothing to expensive

Edit: I'm gonna be replacing the speaker in a bugera v5 when I get it, though it might be just fine, just preparing.
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What amp is it going into?

Anyways, I think you should look at Ted Weber's Signature series.
Although I don't have any experience with that series of speaker, it is supposedly a very good close of the Jensen alnico speaker I have in my GA5. It sounds great
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I'd take a look at one of them Jensen speakers. They're supposed to be great for the vintage tone.


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british series: alnico blue pup
it's emulates an old pre rola celestion alnico guitar speaker.

signature series: 8" signatures
they have 2 each of either ceramic or alnico, the 2 varieties consist of one with higher headroom and one with earlier breakup. all are champ style speakers

Chicago Vintage Series: CVA8
ceramic or alnico version, like an old tweed chicago style jenson

those look like good speakers for about 50 bucks or less. for rock go with the blue dog, for country/clean/pop go with second one, and for blues style go with the third one. but there are many more options there

edit: i love ted weber
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I thought when I got my Bassman that I was going to have to change out its Jenson Alnico speakers. I thought wrong, those things are clean/blues tone factories.

+1 for Jensons.
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