Titles says it all. I'm looking to buy a classical/nylon guitar but just don't have the money to be spending more than $100 something. I've seen one around $150ish around a local shop and it sounds really well compared to the trash I've been using =] So much louder and clear and easier to play and blah blah blah. I live in a cheap a$$ city so there's very few music shops here and all of them only sell 1 cheap classical guitar for $40 (same I have, borrowed from a friend). The only other goodish guitar I've found is that one for $150 I mentioned. Click me to see the guitar I like because its the only one available at that price/quality on a local shop. So I'm looking to see what's online?

I've seen some interesting guitars on musicians friend like the washburn or the Yamaha or the Ibanez and there's just alot that I don't know about =\

I want simply the best possible within that price range. Good LOW action with no buzzes. As loud as possible, etc. Anyone ideas from experience?
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the best for that price would probly be the washburn was c40 nt. for $130. good guitar best guitar for that price.
I usually don't pay much attention to the classical/nylon string guitars but when I stop in at Guitar Center they always have a ton for little money. Best bet is to try them out and find the one you like- in that price range they are all around the same quality.
Hmm, it's just that here, there's only like 3 SMALL music shops. 1 doesn't have any nylon guitars, the other one has some guitar I definitely don't want, and the other one has this one: http://www.jasmineguitars.com/JS441.html for about $150

So I want to see what other variety there is =P I'm not sure if that jasmine JS441 guitar is any good or not, but I really liked the sound of it ALOT better than the one I have right now... So if the jasmine isn't the best for that price and the yamaha/washburn is better than the Jasmine (for the price) then I would definitely buy from musicians friend or something! =P I don't know too much about brands.. I only know which total beginner things to stay away from hehe

What are you're thoughts about buying a -used- guitar from musicians friend? Like one of the ones originally for $200 at a cheaper price, branded as "like new". Just how new is it? Like I was thinking this one: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Washburn-C80S?sku=515430#used
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have you bought that guitar before? How do you know how the action is? I had a semester of classical guitar at a college and the teacher there had a classical guitar with quite high action lol. Seemed more like a guitar for chords and whatnot but I want to shred with my fingers so... =P preffer the 'low' action'

But for the price, it doesn't look bad =] if the strings aren't half an inch off the fret that is..... now to be annoying.... is that site legit? Never heard of it. lol
I've played one, never bought one. Action was good. Build quality is the most astounding thing about them. The top on it is as nice as my top on my Seagull. After I buy my Tele, I'm definately going to pick up that Valencia.
The Guitar feels well put together. Excellent finish on all the woods (especially the bubinga), The neck is nice and smooth, frets aren't sharp or unrefined. Stays in tune well (especially for a nylon string). Pretty much any guitar you buy off of RondoMusic will have a well made body and neck. Solid Tops have much more warmth, especially ceder, they also sound better with age. The more you play, the better it gets. a solid top at $130 is virtually unheard of.
comes out to a little more than $20 for shipping lol, hmm It'll be one of my choices. Also

^ Does anyone have any experience with jasmine guitars? That jasmine (js441) really has my attention right now since I like how it sounds and plays without knowing if there's anything better for that price range =P (That is.. knowing by 'ear, feeling, and memory. I haven't come across much so....)
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Should be good enough build quality if it's by Takamine. and having a solid top isn't quite as essential to a fingerstyle guitar, so if you like the sound, go for it.