Hey, well im gonna buy a new guitar and in the last thread everybody told me to save up a lil more so i did it and now i need some people to help me or comment about these guitars if you have or had one of them... consider i wanna play things like blues, funk, a lil bit of punk, a lotta garage and indie rock and maybe metal sometimes so i need a versatile guitar .... like if i have to choose from a gibson les paul or a fender strat i pick the strat

so this are the choosen ones:

-Squier Tele Custom II P90:

-Epiphone G310:

-Epiphone Les Paul Special II:

-LTD Standard EX50:
http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_ex.html (the last one)

or any of these guitars xD

wtf that last link is a RIP OFF =O

100.000$ for something lower than an epi as it looks=S

i'd probs go for the les paul special. i feel very confortable with les paul style guitars i dont know what u like better
Stay away from the Epi LPSII...and if you're looking for a second guitar I wouldn't get an LTD 50 series either. They're really more first guitars.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...