My fish n chips pedal is causing a massive ringing noise whenever my amp is on. it is in the effects loop of a valveking 112 and i am powering it with a visual sound onespot. yes i have tried changing batteries and it is still there. the noise is really brought out when the onespot is plugged into it. It sounds like ur playing a really high note that won't fade away and it just keeps ringing. its terribly annoying. anybody know wat to do?
Sounds like feedback...and do you have a battery and the onespot plugged at the same time into it?
yes. the battery is brand new. i have tried multiple batteries. when its just on batteries its barely noticeable but its not quiet and you can still hear ringing. but wen the onespot is plugged in its really loud.
Take the battery out and just use the adapter.
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no luck. and its not feedback. it almost sounds like a really really old computer turning on or loading a cd or something. just some weird high pitched noise