ok its on my profile named Riff, i like the sound but im not sure how to like use it for anything XP soo if somone could kinda help me out thatd be great, and ill also so c4c
Quote by The_lizard_king
be a good intro and hook for a song.

yeah thats what i was thinkin, im just thinking right now like what chords and stuff to use with it
It sounds like more of a verse/hook to me. idk. and i laughed when i read that getty lee thing.
well, does anyone have any suggestions for a chord progression to play with the riff possibly?
I think the second ending of it sounds generic (the part that can be heard at approximately 0:06 seconds and at the end of the recording, I suggest you change each of those to some sort of fast shred instead =)
keep in mind I just mean the part at 0:06 and the end. It's just 1 note how it ends and it sounds quite dull =) I think at least