ok well i was trying to learn B.R.O. by Paul Gilbert and there are a few questions i have to ask.

1. Is the whole beginning part really speed picking? I put this into question because I was learning from one of the paul gilbert videos on youtube and he was doing his signature lick with hammerons and pulloffs included in them. And I see the lick on the tab and no hammerons or pulloffs are in it.

2.Also i saw on the guitar pro version of this song that it had a lot of legatto stuff to it in the intro and wasn't all speedpicking (it had slured notes on the sheet music part above the tab which means its hammerons and pulloffs (legatto) right?)

3. What is the tuning of this song? some people say its drop D, some say its D standard, and some E standard. Which is it!!!????

If you can help me clarify all this it will be so much easier to learn it the right way hahaha.
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