When I was tracking a heavily distorted guitar part, I made a huge mistake in the phase-alignment of the two mics I was using. I'm hoping I do not have to track again, and tried adjusting the two tracks alignment in sony ACID. I have done this before with other takes, with great results, however this time the closer to in-phase I got the guitar, the quieter it got. Now I have the two almost perfectly lined up, and the level is almost nonexistent. I believe it has to do with the to wavs being close to polar opposites. Am I correct? Is this possible to fix?

Here is an image of what I am talking about. The image on the right is how it appears, causing the awful tone, and on the right is an image I flipped to show what it has been like before (giving me a better, additive tone)

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theres no image...

and it sounds more like the opposite of what you want, it seems like the wavs are cancelling each other out, a destructive pattern. try going the opposite way.
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that's exactly what I'm asking. Is it possible to invert it, so that they do not cancel each other out?

edit: the image should be there. here is the link


edit: I believe the term is reversing the polarity. Is that not what I want, or will that not help?
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