ya so here it is.

I'm looking to buy a new amp for my new guitar that is coming in the mail.
( ESP LTD KH-202)

i made sure to read as much as i thought was necessary before asking for others opinions. Being that I'm fresh out of high school and currently on the job hunt im trying to keep to a budget. (less than 200$ preferably)

At first i was looking at getting a Line6 SpiderIII 30, BUT after quite a bit of research, i've decided to throw that one away. a majority of comments on the line 6's is that there a pretty ****ty amp. so ive decided to go with either a...

Roland cube 20x
marshall MG15

i generally play mostly metal/rock/metalcore etc. (lamb of god, bodom, metallica, as i lay dying, etc) but love stuff like (led zeppelin, clapton, satriani, eric johnson and many others.

any opinions? anything and everything to help in my decision is greatly appreciated
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Peavey Vypry 30

ive just looked at this amp on youtube and it seems a lot better. thanks for the suggestion