Well this might not happen to every person who plays guitar or any other istrument, but I've been wondering, it's like as if there is a "musician pheromone?" What I'm getting this from is...... like a while ago I was in a talent show, and i was just setting up everything with my band mates, and there's like people banging at the door being like OMG *insert name here* open the door I wanna see!! just cuz they can hear us jamming, so I quickly go outside to grab something, and 2 of my friend's they just yell, *insert name here* and run up to me a give me a big hug? when I saw them like half and hour ago? and even other people that I don't usually hang out/talk to just come up to me? meh, people probably just get horny when seeing me playing guitar

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Musicians are cool. What is there not to get?
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If you mean people finding guitar hot, yes.

As long as they like good music, and you most likely showing off.

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No they just don't have enough musical knowledge to discern your trash from true music.

Ouch, you dont know what he plays
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Ouch, you dont know what he plays

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They think it's "cool" to know someone who plays an instrument.
I doubt Black Francis ever got that kind of treatment.
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I think guitar turns people on
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didn't you just get a closed thread for the exact same post?
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They think it's "cool" to know someone who plays an instrument.
I doubt Black Francis ever got that kind of treatment.

the singer from the pixies? what does he have to do with anything?
I have no opinion on this matter.
Musicians aren't normal people. They have super powers. They're like people who can lick their elbow or something.