In that price range you could do better.
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It's not really. Decent cleans and reverb, but crap overdrive and speakers. Cosmetically, the Frontmen are nice lloking amps, but that's about it. Are you thinking of getting it? There are better options available to you....
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I'd say opt for a Peavey or Blackstar in that price range.
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Don't buy it man, my friend bought the 212 instead of a Tiny Terror. I tried to stop him, he said it was bigger.
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get a line 6 spider III 75w
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I saw a band once and one of the guitarists had the 212 combo...very thin and trebly crap tone at high volumes.

Whatever your price range is, try out some tube combos or one of the mini stacks (Blackstar HT-5, Vox AC4, etc...)
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I'd get a used Peavey Classic 30 or a Fender Blues Junior.
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It's not that bad. You could definitely do better, but you could also definitely do worse.

Look at maybe some used Blackhearts.
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I have that amp, and yeah, you can definitely do better, I'm buying a new one very soon. Awful distortion, buzzy reverb (although that could be just mine), a pissy and non-linear volume control, mud for bass. I do find that it takes pedals well, though. But, yeah, look for something different, please.