Hey guys I'm going to be going on vacation for about a week with a pretty good amount of free time but no access to internet or anything. I consider myself to be a fairly good guitar player, but my music theory is not all that impressive. It's too late to order or get to any book store or anything and I would rather prefer anyway to not have to bring anything else with so I want to get something to put onto my ipod touch.

I have two options for this, one is to download a kindle book or two which are located here

and the other would be to download some websites (there's an app for that) that would perhaps be able to introduce me to some guitar based music theory. I am simply lost at where or what to get and was hoping you guys could help me out. I'll have my acoustic with me and look forward to being able to practice a bit of what I'm reading and just don't know where to start. Thanks a lot!