Well I can barely hear what you're playing but the little parts that I could distinguish sounded okay to me. Might want to redo it though and not have the song playing through your amp.
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Good stuff, especially for only playing a year and a half. Though next time you make a video, try listening to the song on headphones then adding the audio of the track over on a video editing program, it'll make it easier to make out what you're playing, rather then it being mixed in with the track.
Yeah, unfortunately it's hard to differentiate your guitar audio with the background music.

Do what Captianzues said and record the audio of your guitar first with a mic while listening to the music through headphones and record simultaneously with your camera.

Then on an editing program sync your guitar with the actual song (make your guitar audio a little louder than the song). Then sync the whole song WITH your guitar with your video.

That's how I record my videos. It takes longer but the sound is well worth it.

Crit mine ?