Hey everyone,
I have just begun sourcing information and resources for my Industrial Design honours paper. I am writing it on the form language, aesthetics, & ergonomics relating to guitar design and manufacture.
I'm going down the path of progression from engineered forms and designs used for acoustic guitars, and how they in turn influenced electric guitar body design. Also why "classic" forms such as Les Pauls, Strats, Teles, SG's etc. have been staples in guitar design and why , unlike other product design, the forms haven't changed dramatically. This can be said for most musical instruments.

I'm looking for any feedback, links, resources, opinions, & pretty much anything along these lines. I'd be very grateful for any help.


watch a documentary called Les Paul: Chasing Sound - you can play it now if you have netflix. the original les paul didn't look anything like the les paul we're all used to seeing - it looked like a board with attachable wings, but it didn't sell. before the les paul itself, les paul invented the electric guitar. good video if you're interested in knowing about electrics in general and the les paul in particular.