What are some solos that have been done that aren't "shreddy" but nice and calm?

I hope this kind of thread hasn't been done before. I searched but the amount of threads that came up was too much to look through.
Mother - Pink Floyd

Golden Gate Jumpers - Cold War Kids

A bunch of Red Hot Chilli Peppers solos.
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The Unforgiven- Metallica
Another Brick In the Wall(Part 2)- Pink Floyd
I could of Lied, Scar Tissue, Californication- RHCP
Santeria, Badfish, Scarlet Begonias- Sublime

Not really a "solo-ish" song, but there are parts that I guess could be considered the breaking point of that song, thats pretty relaxing.
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Most solos aren't "shreddy". Look at any genre other than metal and shred.
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Opeth. Listen to pretty much any song and you will get loads of inspiration. Particularly if your into metal or just minor sounding music in general.
Comfortably Numb, David Gilmour is the master at making his guitar sing.