Instigations, fabrications and lacerations
The beauty of sinking into numbness,
Is a wonderful fascination.
These anchors and pearls are what keep my lungs filled,
And your smile and grace is what keeps my heart distilled

With fire and fury, I will burn my own horizon
Just to keep the city lights flickering.
If only my eyes and tears,
Would stop their bickering.

Held together with one piece of tape,
I am fragile side down.
Delivery right at my door,
Heavy are the regrets that wear this crown.

I will desecrate the demon statues
That dwell in my ribcage.
With a pocket of fear and hope,
And a lonely spotlight on the stage.

So where am I to sleep
When nightmares have crawled into my bed?
The pillows are stained red,
Which would explain the famine I have spread.

I think with my head, and feel with your heart.
And with my final breath, I cast a shadow so dark
That the sun stops breathing.

The sun will stop breathing.