So I am sorry if this in the wrong spot but I recently bought the Guitar on dvd, video with jeff loomis from nevermore. I was wondering if anyone saw this and found it useful? I havent had time to pop in the dvd yet but i went through the tab book and managed through a few things but had to change it since its for 7 string guitar.
I bought it. 80% of the licks require a 7 string guitar. You can pick up a few things with 6, but not many.
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Well you can always change stuff around... yes 7 string makes it difficult and i wish they would of labelled that on the package before i bought but for some stuff I either cut the string out or worked around it.... it doesnt have to sound like the song in terms of key and so on... just has to be able to pass technique off to you.

anyways yay or nay on it?
I have it and think its a pretty good dvd for the price.

Yes, he uses a 7 string but for me the point of the dvd was not to learn his songs...it was to develope my technique. So with that train of thought, you can take all his licks involving the Low B and just start them from when he gets to the Low E. You still get a nice pattern to learn.

Also the coolest most fun part of the video is when he gets to all his sweeping licks. He has some really cool sounding ones and you can use his ideas to expand on your own ideas.