So we did an acoustic cover of this song at a coffee house quite a while back of the song Kids by MGMT.. Might have heard it before.. might not have.. either way give it a check. Tell me what ya think.. maybe rate the video if you're not feeling too lazy? If you don't I don't blame you cause I'm probly just as lazy.

Link needed right? oh yea

SHAZAM : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLbjNZB3wAc
i think its good :-)

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nice man, i always thought this was a very pretty song for an electronica song. i've heard acoustic versions before, and this is definitely one of the better ones! your singing is good, right on key almost the whole way through, and everything seems to click pretty well (the only spot i could tell where the attack was a bit off was right after the bridge). good stuff man! crit me?

Good job man! pretty solid The only thing I would change is maybe the tone of the "lead" guitar I guess you could say (the one that plays the melody), it's a bit to harsh/sharp (I dont really know if you get what I mean). And maybe add a second vocalist similar to the song.

But I'm really just being pedantic, brilliant cover!
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Thanks a lot fellas

I aggree with you taylz.. At the beginning of the song the volume of the lead was a tad too high.. gave it a sharp tone.. a little less treble might have done the trick.

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