So, I was researching tube bass amps, and came across this Ampeg SVT-2PRO.

So, it's all-tube. 9-band graphic equalizer. 300 watts of tube-driven power. Sounds great. Whenever I get a stack amp, I think I'll spring for this head.

But something I was wondering about this amp is this: When I was looking through the Owner's Manual, I noticed that it has two "channels," switching between the graphic equalizer and the regular equalizer. I came across these words under the graphic EQ section: "In the OUT position, there is no solid state circuitry in the signal path from input to power amp out." So, graphic EQs use solid state circuitry. I didn't know that. Here's my question (finally): How does solid state circuitry differ from tube circuitry (besides, obviously, using or not using tubes), and how much will the solid state circuitry from the EQ affect the tone?
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