Ok my local store doesn't have one in right now so I thought Id ask some stupid questions here

will it be loud enough with a 2x12 cab or will I need a 4x12 to play with a band?/very small venues?

will it be able to do 80's metal... I do have a tube screamer if that will help.

thanks for your time.

p.s I have checked a few clips on youtube.
preferable... is there another option than this under 700 new that has decent cleans and can do a bit of 80's metal.
well yes it will sound awesome on the gain, but no cleans at all. It will be loud enough distortion wise.

For under $700 look for a used: 5150/6505, marshall DSL, Marshall JCM 900, Try out a new MG 100 head and see if you like it, (its actually a decent sounding amp). Peavey classic 30 if you can find one.

New: peavey valveking, Peavey Vypyr 60 tube, fender blues jr?
bugera 333xl (for sale)
B-52 4x12 cab
Schecter Hellraiser Avenger
Schecter c-1 FR prototype (for sale)
Squier strat