I have a Fender MIM Strat with two single coil pickups and a humbucker, and i was wondering what pickups should i get to get an AC/DCish tone

rock on ppl
What is wrong with your tone now that you want to change, what is your amp, and what is your budget?
You can coax AC/DC tones from a Strat easily. It's more a question of what amp you are using.
getting new pickups wont change a thing.

save up for a British voiced tube amp.
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Quote by AC/DCfan1616
green crunch? i dont think the spider iii 15W has that maybe the other spiders though

Yes it does. All Spiders are the same, they just get bigger, louder and crapper.

You have a f*cking terrible amp, you will get AC/DC tones with a decent one though so that should be your objective.

I have changed several pickups on my HSS MIM strat and i put the Van Zandt Rock pickup in the middle position which sounds pretty cool for rock. But if you want AC/DC tone, i think you could buy angus young signature humbucker But i don't know how will it sound with strat.