Do tone caps matter if you always leave your tone knob all the way open to the treble side? I'll be replacing my pickups soon and was wondering if it's worth the expense and trouble to change the tone cap from the stock one to one of the Orange Drop type.

The simple answer is probably, go ahead and do it since it can only help, but this is only my second time installing pickups (and my second time soldering), and while the first install went fine, I don't see the point of keeping a flaming hot soldering iron close to my new guitar for longer than I have to.

Thanks for any info.
If you are only wiring the tone caps in the standard way (at lower settings they send more treble to ground), then no fancy caps won't make any difference because the signal that leave your guitar never goes through them. Only the numerical value of the caps matters.
I'm sure they don't matter. The capacitor never receives a signal if you leave it all the way up.
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The orange drops are a mojo thing. A regular ceramic cap which works just fine for this instance is 10 cents. An orange drop is over a dollar. I have 1 guitar w orange drops you wouldnt know it playing its any different than the ones w cheaper tone caps in it. Save your money.
orange drops in guitars are more for looks than anything. unless the guitar is acrylic you'll never see them so using them in a guitar seems pointless. if you think they make a difference then you might as well upgrade your pickguard screws to improve tone as well. again it's purely aesthetics.
It's been my experience that a lot of people don't turn their tone controls down because it sounds crappy when they do. Then they never change their tone cap because they never use the tone control. It's a vicious cycle, and at that point you might as well just take the tone control out of the guitar.

I'd toss an orange drop in, most people can hear (or 'feel') the difference and it's only a dollar. You might try using a .015 instead of a .022 cap to reduce the severity of the treble drop as well.