I bought this Harmony H-802 electric guitar off of ebay and it looks like it has some paint sprayed on it. Does anyone know how to get it off without damaging the finish?

The paint looks like it's over spray from something else so it sprinkled all around. Do you see the little bule dots?

Does anyone know how I could clean up and polish the chrome parts?

cut the strings and/or dip a toothbrush in chemicals for the polishing and for the over spray you could try wet sanding
wow i`d never think i`d see 1 of them again, that was what i had as my very 1st guitar (ended up going all pete townshend on it and smashing it up......15 years, old 1st ever gig and drunk).
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I have an SG copy that has very similar construction, same pickup switches and bridge. HNGD.
just use CLR and a tooth brush for the p-ups and what not, as for blue dots of doom, no idea
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