Alright, so I turned on my amp today and my guitar wouldn't go through. Something's wrong. No guitar noise, but the static is quite loud, and changes when I switch on distortion or change volumes. When I plug the cable in either side, the static begins, but there isn't much when the cable isn't plugged in.

I don't know what's broken, my amp, my cable, or my guitar. These are all crappy Squier starter pack equipment, so it could really be any of them. How can I tell which one is broken? I need to know what to replace. I sure hope it's not my amp; I already have a new guitar and cables shipping over, but I do not plan on replacing the amp.

EDIT: I changed the channel and turned the volume up, and I get some guitar sound. Distorted I hear nothing though. Seems this is a cable issue?
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Does anything change when you switch pickups on the guitar?
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hey bud... you know where you put the cable into the guitar from the amp?? well take that whole plate off and there should be two wires (CONNECTED) if one inst just solder it back... i just had the same problem with the same guitar
They both do appear to be connected. Anyway, I can get a guitar signal barely through, and the amp seems to be making sound, so that narrows it down to the cable. Is that right?
Are you able to get a spare cable to try out? Try to isolate the problem so using the same cable and guitar try another amp and then try a different guitar on your normal amp with the normal cable.
I unfortunately don't have any extra gear within close reach. I guess I'll just wait, I coincidentally ordered new cables along with other stuff on Sunday and it should be here soon... Just sucks having to go a few days without the setup working.
probably a bad earth or broken cable,

try with another cable then try with another guitar then try with another amp(only change one at a time)

it`s a process of elimination.