Ok, well currently im running a carvin x100b (80's model) through a custom made 2x12..

I love the cleans and the lead tones on this amp no question it sings.. However, it lacks in any form of rhythym tone, which is what i play in my band.. Im currently using an boss mt-2 metal zone. :'( and after playing with it for about a freaking year ive honestly gotten not horrible tones out of it thanks to the x100, HOWEVER.. im looking for something perhaps a little more versatile, and far better sounding, and an amp is not an option right now due to money, and the fact i love the rest of my amp...

So im getting a new distortion pedal. I need something that can do heavy stuff.. I LOVE recto's sounds, and a bogner uberschall, (I know i cant get a pedal to sound like that, but i like tones LIKE that).. I listen to literaly anything with a guitar, and love heavy stuff like, all that remains, avenged sevenfold, killswitch engage, and lighter-ish stuff than that like shinedown, system of a down, tool, anything really..

any thoughts on ( http://www.guitarcenter.com/Tech-21-SansAmp-Tri-A-C--Distortion-Pedal-151794-i1124576.gc )

or what would you guys recomend?

Price isnt really a determining factor as long as its not over 300 (not that hard)


I need a new heavy distortion pedal, not really a price limit!
Electro harmonix metal muff is without a doubt one of the best metal pedals i have purchased. i have bought and used the boss metal core (not that good), the metalzone (also not that great), and a digitech death metal (worst of all) but the EHX metal muff has great tone with a good EQ section and is very user friendly. i would suggest giving it a try at your local shop if they carry it.

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I've heard it through youtube and honestly was not that impressed with it, however people rave about it, is it versatile at all? Maybe i will have to try one out?
Im not a fan of the metal muff. The pedal in youre link should be pretty good. The Tech 21 GT2 is also a good good, versatile pedal that can good good heavy tones
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Yeah ive looked at the gt2, no mid knob gets me, i love to actually boost my mids now and than.. love cuttin through at practice..

I guess ill go check those 2 out at GC if i can, what do you guys think of peavey distortion pedals?