So i retubed my classic 30 after work today and it sounds amazing. only problem im encountering now is with the eq, which i use 95% of the time. It makes a "popping noise" whenever its turned on, but this doesnt happen when its off but still plugged in. any idea what it could be? also the slider leds from the mid frequency to the highs dont work except when the 0 frequency is above 0.
If I had to guess I would suggest making sure your preamp tubes are seated ALL the way in. Next it could be the bias of your new power tubes (assuming that is what you meant). Lastly, it could be a new power problem or battery problem ( in pedal) so make sure that is good too along with cables, etc.

Need more specifics.

What do you mean 're0tube'?
I have a similar problem, I have a rack eq, and when in the fx loop it makes a popping sound when turned on, I though it was normal as it only did it in the fx loop.
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i changed all the tubes in my amp. i dont think its a problem with the tubes because when the pedal is not turned on there is no noise whatsoever.

However im used to it popping when its turned on, but it does it peridoicaly while im playing.