I just got photoshop and I suck at it, are there any good tutorials or tips that will make me not suck?
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Deviantart may have some good tutorials. Check google.
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there is a hilarious series on youtube called "you suck at photoshop" its pretty good, my biggest tip is to make sure yo are duplicating you image first, and pay close attention to exactly what layer you are selecting. pm me if you have anything specific
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Depends on what you want to learn and be good at. Photo editing? Vector art? Lots of different stuff to master and lots of different places to find advice.
im trying to shoop two people together but one is tanner then the other so it looks bad when put together
You can try selecting one layer, then go to Images > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and tweak the saturation of reds and yellows or something. Obviously I don't know what color exactly off the top of my head, but this is probably what I would try first. May or may not turn out as planned.

edit: Oh. Use the eye drop tool to match the person's skin tone when in the hue/saturation editor.
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