I'm looking around for my first car and my girlfriend mentioned a jeep wrangler for sale near us which would be awesome but my concern is fitting my surfboard into it? Can it be done? The board is like 6'5-6'9ish
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Hm not too sure, I had that same problem with my Toyota 4Runner, but it fits on top if that helps.

Maybe you can go look up the car's specks and see if its over 7 feet long?
it probably wouldn't fit inside, but on top would work fine. besides, how often do you drive around in a rainstorm with a waterproof surfboard?
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Tie it on the roof?
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My dad has a Jeep and it's great for on the trails, rock crawling, and general outdoor adventures. On the road... it can be tricky. I know of a few people that have rolled in older CJ's. Short wheel base, squirrelly handing, and a sensitive steering wheel = no-no for new drivers. As for your surf board... put it on top? With the roll bar it should make it very easy.
yea im not fan of having my board on the roof cuz im paranoid like that but if i have to then i guess i will, cuz im definetly digging the idea of a jeep wrangler
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon